If you are a wanderlust soul and you've fallen in love with getting tattooed at each destination you’ve been too, we bet you are not alone. It's fascinating thinking about travelling place to place and marking its most attractive thing on your skin as a way to remember how far you go. In fact, to some people, this kind of adventure is truly addicting!


Those who love to travel as mentioned above can quickly be divided into 2 groups (forgive us for a little stereotyping). Group A can be called “the easy-going ones'', if you have seen the movie Hangover, the guy Stu is a typical example of this group! Those who travel with friends in a strange place, getting drunk and also getting tattooed without a second thought (most of these tattoos would later cause regrets but it actually happened a lot in real life). Of course you can choose to keep it as a fun way to remember your trip or you can later come to another studio for covering it up. There're many small tattoo shops like that located in every city in the world. Once you enter those kinds of shops, you usually have no clue of who the artists are, what kind of needle or ink they use or how long they've been working in that industry. It's fun and it’s cheap anyway!


If you are in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, you can easily find those tattoo shops around the tourist areas. It's hard to name them as many of them don’t even bother getting a name! The lowest cost for a small tattoo can be from 150,000 VND (less than USD10). 


Group B of the people who love travelling around, they are careful planners that love to do a lot of research before reaching any new destination and of course, they do a lot of research before getting a tattoo as well! Not only searching for the best names of artists in town, they could possibly look at what type of ink or skin care the studios use for the services. If you ask them about the name of the studio and artist they've planned to book, I bet they can even point out what's the highlight and style of the artists you are talking about. If you are one of the members in Group B. I'm sure you are willing to spend your time getting to know your artist, talking to him/her and helping the artist clearly understand your ideas before booking any schedule for tattooing. To this point, price shouldn't be your no 1 priority as you know a thing for sure: you get what you pay for!


However, in some famous tourist cities in Asia, cost of living, cost of renting and other services are relatively lower than some Western countries, that means you can possibly get a high quality tattoo with a more affordable price. In Vietnam, those experienced artists normally work at high quality studios where everything must meet international safety & hygiene standards. The artists will highly recommend you to communicate as much as you like before creating a perfect design based on your ideas and their creativity. But please remember, we're talking art, which means you shouldn't bargain!