Should you try to bring down the price of a tattoo in Hanoi?

Before traveling to Hanoi, most of us are advised to bargain when buying any product of service, but what about bargaining the price of a tattoo? This is something that we would never do back home, so it is understandable to harbor some doubts. For many tattoo artists, both here and in your country, any bargain attempt would be offensive. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t discard bargaining the price of your tattoo in Hanoi.


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There are many different kinds of tattoo shops in Hanoi.

 In the touristic areas, you can find many tattoo shops o. Many of these shops are just focused on making a profit out of getting designs inked in the bodies of their customers, but are not concerned for the artistic facet of tattoo. Assuming you go to one of these shops to get a small or medium sized tattoo, you can attempt a negotiation of the price based on your previous experiences and comparison with other shops.


What would happen if, on the other hand, you go to one of the best tattoo studios in Hanoi and try to bring down the price?

If you are talking to a true artist they will simply reject you. They might understand and sympathize with you, but they know their value. As any other reputable professional, they offer a quality product at a fixed price. No one would dare to bargain when purchasing jewelry, a car or a computer. The same way you cannot insult an artist by trying to get a reduction on the price for their work.

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Are you limited by the budget of your trip?

In the case you are traveling and you find yourself restricted by the budget of your trip, but you can only trust the best artist to get the tattoo you want, we encourage you to frankly share this issue with them. From a personal point of view, for most artists it is more relevant to be convinced by the idea of the tattoo than to get a profit from it. If you present them with a good idea they may feel respect and be willing to undertake a respectful negotiation once they understand the circumstances in which you find yourself.

We hope you don’t need to come to these situations and that you can happily get the tattoo you want without any negotiation being necessary. We also wish you have a nice time in Hanoi and that you end up getting a tattoo from the best tattoo artists in Hanoi.