What is Vegan Tattoo?

This article is aimed to provide readers the basic information about the concept of vegan tattoo and its related terms. Whether you are a vegan who is considering getting a new tattoo yet not sure if the studio you are heading is meeting your standard, or you are an artist who wants to enhance your professionalism, or if you are simply a wanderlust who loves to get inked every place you have been on your own journey, we hope you find some pieces of helpful knowledge here!


First of all, we'd love to assure that there's nothing too extreme about vegan tattoos or vegan lifestyle in general. Some people may tell you that it's weird not to eat meat or even not to consume products from animals. But we are here to tell you that you have all rights to pursue your lifestyle. Either it's for animals or for you, vegan lifestyle is definitely a thing! A fascinating thing to be exact! While nutritionists have proved that consuming vegan diets not only are good for your health and reduce some risks of getting ill but also improve your general well-being, scientists have pointed out that veganism is actually a sustainable lifestyle that creates a significant positive impact on our living environment. 


In recent years, veganism has become more and more popular all over the world. It's not limited to the concept of dieting but to all aspects of consumer products and specialty products as well, and that include vegan tattoo.

About vegan tattoos, vegan ink is just a part of the whole process as many other products need to be applied during your tattooing process. The tattoo artist normally uses tracing paper (possibly including animal elements) to draw your design. Then the artist will use a razor (also possibly animal-based) to shave the skin area before starting the new tattoo. There are many animal ingredients such as charcoal, nails, etc. in the usual tattoo ink. Finally you will be given a pack of ointment for your after care (also has animal ingredients).


Some animal-based ingredients hidden in your tattoos:


  •  Bone char is used to make black ink, the most expensive color among tattoo colors. This ingredient is made from burnt animal bones to achieve the darkest, crispest blacks of the black.
  • Glycerin is a derivative of animal fats that stabilizes and makes squid easier to handle.
  • Gelatin is a common culprit in many products. It is made from cooked connective tissue of beef and pork and serves as a binding agent in many kinds of inks.
  • Shellac, an ingredient made from insects, also acts as a binder for ink.


So if you are a vegan and you don't use animal-based products, having this tattoo from non-vegan ink and other components, should it be called double-standard lifestyle instead of vegan lifestyle?



Dating back 10 years earlier, it might be almost impossible to find a studio that had vegan tattoo service. However, following the worldwide trend of sustainable products in many industries, vegan tattoo supplies also offered to appear in the market. It's still not quite popular but if you take it into consideration, you will still be able to find the professional studios that offer vegan tattoo services, and that really makes a difference. 


What are the solutions of vegan tattoo?


Of course in terms of effects, it is possible that these products will not be as effective in color as animal color products, but alternative products can still satisfy your demand quite well. Here are a few examples of color ranges and alternative sources:


- Vannable Glycerin: Used as an alternative to animal glycerin. This glycerin is of vegetable origin and is also known as Glycerol.

- Hamamelis - also known as witch-hazel: made from flowering plants. This ingredient is also known as Virginiana extract in tattoo ink.

In terms of specific colors, we have carbon and wood for black, titanium dioxide to white, Monoazo - a pigment from carbon to make green, yellow from turmeric, Dioxazine and Carbazole for color purple, and so on.


Here are Top 3 tattoo ink suppliers that we can trust:


Skin Candy Vegan Tattoo Black Ink - not to mention, always at the forefront, the most trendy in the tattoo ink industry.


World Famous Authentic Vegan Tattoo Outlining Ink - quality product from USA, packed in big bottles.



Crazyhorse High Quality Vegan Tattoo Ink - the most optimal choice for vegan colored tattoo inks.



In terms of vegan razors, you can use razors that do not have a lubricant strip, as this lubricant is usually made from animals. These razors can be found by the keyword: cruelty-free razor. If your upcoming tattoo studio has only vegan tattoo ink, and is still using normal disposable razor, you can choose to bring your own familiar razor solution to use. Or just don't shave!


With aftercare ointment it's not too difficult to solve, there are many plant-based post-tattooing cream products, just make sure your salon has one, or you can prepare it yourself.


Currently, amongst all the best tattoo studios in Hanoi, there is only Another Tattoo located on Xuan Dieu st, Tay Ho, Hanoi that announces offering vegan tattoo service. You can contact Another Tattoo directly to make sure that in addition to tattoo ink, their other products used during the tattooing process are also vegan!