As the saying goes, lotus is one of the most ancient flowers that hold the deepest and sacred symbols on our planet. With the roots in the mud, stems grow upward through the water, the lovingly scented flowers bloom with magnificent beauty above the surface, untouched by the impurity. “This pattern of growth signifies the progress of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, and into the bright sunshine of enlightenment.”


Lotus is not only the National Flower of Vietnam and India but also a sacred symbol in Buddhism. Lotus symbolizes mindfulness, calm, peace, purity and the great love of earth and water. For that many meaningful reasons, lotus is also one of the most popular flowers being tattooed in many different parts of the world and believed to be the sign of goodluck, purity,  spiritual enlightenment and mental evolution.




The most enchanting flower is the pure white lotus, known as the ‘womb of the world.’ It’s believed to denote purity of the mind, serenity of human nature and spiritual perfection. The lotus also symbolized the sun and rebirth, as it would disappear into the night only to re-emerge each morning.




The pink lotus represents the history and essence of Buddha. Red represents love and compassion as it relates to the heart and connects to the root chakra. The purple lotus flower is mystical and spiritual and it's eight petals signify the Noble Eightfold Path to self-awakening.





  • Spine lotus tattoo 



Spine is one of the most popular tattoo placements for a balanced lotus tattoo design. The stem grows upward the spine, highlighting one of the most important factors of human nature - the balanced structure. Lotus tattoos placed on the spine are normally designed with delicate elements and being accompanied with ancient letters or symbols. This placement makes the tattoo look both elegant, fragile, and attractive at the same time. That's why it's so much loved as tattoos for females. 



  • Realistic lotus tattoo



Since lotus has such fascinating beauty in every single detail, artists from Western to Eastern parts of the world have tried to convey all that prettiness in their tattoo creation from the colors, structures to detailed pentals. Realistic lotus tattoos are also very popular because no one really wants to miss translating that delicate beauty into art. 



  • Lotus Mandala tattoo



Another most interesting lotus tattoo designs are lotus mandala tattoos! This is a particularly common meditation symbol. In many religions, the 1000 petal lotus flower has great significance. These geometric symbols carry sacred ties across the globe, and they’ve been used as a way to connect with one’s inner self for centuries. Because of the geometric symmetry of mandala tattoos, there are a lot of placement options to consider; they're best in flat areas where the symmetry is easy to see.



  • Single-line lotus tattoo



Unlike other kinds of floral tattoo designs that want to include as many details as possible, single line tattoos seem to be less popular but still very charming, especially with such a fragile flower as lotus. Even though single line tattoos don't try to include too much, they still hold as many meanings as other detailed and realistic tattoos. It's loved as it's simply elegant and beautiful. Despites the simple look, single line tattoo actually requires the artist to be very experienced and competent to be able to finish the line perfectly.