How to turn your ideas into artwork



One of the best aspects of tattooing is that it offers the perfect opportunity for artist and customer to work one-on-one. This makes the initial stage of the process a crutial point in the conceptualisation of a masterpiece. We advise you to listen and trust the artist you are working with. As well as communicating openly your feeling and needs. On our end, we guarantee that everything you ask for will be taken into consideration carefully and that you will get the best advice before getting your tattoo done on your skin forever.



Once we have a complete understanding of the concept and expectation from you, the artist will work on it to create custom design. During this process, you are welcome to give us feedback and together, we will turn your ideas and feedback into real unique design that suits you best.



After thorough discussion the design will be ready to be tattooed. We will then print it and find the best size and placement for your tattoo. After transferring a stencil of the design onto your skin, you will have the chance to make sure everything is in order before we start tattooing. Our experieced tattoo artists will then ink the design. The beautiful result can be very certain. We will try to go beyond that and provide you with a pleasant experience based on the wellcoming space, artist's skills and for sure this artistic journey will never let you disapointed.



Once the tattoo is done at the studio, you will be instruced carefully on how to take care of it to make sure the healing process is completed without complications. This process is important and will determine how your tattoo will age. The ink does not settle until a few days after the tattoo is done. This is why we advise you to follow our recommendations strictly. Not only provding clear instruction, we also offer you aftercare products that help your tattoo heal nicely. If you have any concern after leaving our studio, please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice. 



This might sound unsual but it is such a viral step that Another Tattoo provide to ensures your tattoo's long lasting aesthetic. Depends on different types of skin sensitivity, tattoo heals very differently. Please set up a re-exemination time after 4 week of tattooing to let us check how your tattoo heals. If there's any problem, we will surely identify and give you the best solution to keep it perfect.


Meet Our Artists

Tattoo FAQ

Does tattoo hurt?

Yes, it does! But probably not as much as you imagine, and remember it's a part of the journey where you walk out the studio with a great piece of art made just for you. The pain level varies on different individuals, the placement on your body, and some other factors. It’s commonly described as similar to the pain of a cat scratch.

Our artists are actually quite used to listening to their clients confess that they fall in love with that feeling and feel like they miss it sometimes!

Is tattoo really permanent?


Tattoos are permanent, but remember the ink can fade away after time on the areas that are often exposed to the sun or if not properly cared for, or on areas where the skin is very thin and gets a lot of friction, like your fingers. Make sure you follow our aftercare instructions carefully and come back for the re-check. We're always here to help you renew your old ones. 



What to prepare before tattooing session?

  • Comfortable is better than fashionable. Please choose comfort clothings as your tattooing session may take many hours.
  • Remember to eat well and be hydrated before getting tattooed.
  • Take a shower beforehand! Because you have to stay away from water at least 24 hours after being tattooed, and no soap can be used on the tattoo within at least 1 week.
  • Ask your questions! If you feel something's not right, please ask your artist straight away before getting tattooed. You know, tattoos're permanent!

Does Another Tattoo welcome customers under 18?

You are always welcome if you come to us along with your parents and their permission.

Is tattooing safe?


Any puncture on the skin carries risk of infection. Before getting a tattoo, it’s a must that you check whether it is performed in a reputable studio under sanitary conditions by a trained and experienced artist who follows proper sterilization procedures and takes other precautions such as wearing gloves, face masks, etc. A good artist should be able to explain the procedure and demonstrate what will happen during and after the tattooing session. Another Tattoo's artists only use sterile, single-use, disposable needles and equipment so you can rest assured we put a premium standard on safety & hygiene.